<b>44FLAVOURS</b> Faces, Screenprint

44FLAVOURS Faces, Screenprint


44FLAVOURS Screenprint Edition 2020

A series of 4 different prints

4 colours
Printed on Munken Pure Paper 240g/m²
Format: A3
Each print is signed and numbered by the artists

The artist duo 44flavours Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle have been working together since 2003. Their artistic activities include painting, ceramics, sculptures, prints and objects. The painted object can be a piece of cardboard, stone, wood, a vase from a flea market or any wall standing somewhere in the world. 44flavours' creative energy flows into their immediate surroundings just as naturally as the classical canvas and reveals their quest to explore the world and its surroundings.

44flavours’ art is unadulterated, direct and intuitive: they use strong colors to create a pop art painting mix of spatial innuendo, Op art, figuration and symbols. The juxtaposition of styles, perspectives and illusions, leads to a contemplation with erratic discoveries.

<b>44FLAVOURS</b> Faces, Screenprint Image 2 <b>44FLAVOURS</b> Faces, Screenprint Image 3 <b>44FLAVOURS</b> Faces, Screenprint Image 4 <b>44FLAVOURS</b> Faces, Screenprint Image 5
THE MOON 2021 DINOSAUR JR Tribute Version, Screenprint
THE MOON 2021 BRIGHT, Screenprint
THE MOON 2021 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, Screen Print
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